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Awesome animated touch-up of Gareth Bale’s performance in the San Siro against Inter earlier this season. I’d love to see this done for Zidane’s last game in Real Madrid.


Zizou, El Buitre, Figo

It was nice seeing Zidane and Figo doing 1-2 combos like the good old days. It was a charity game between the Real Madrid legends and the AC Milan legends which consisted of Paolo Maldini, Zidane, Figo, Rui Costa, Mcmanaman, Baresi and Butragueno among others.

A whopping 70, 000 fans showed up at the Bernabeu for a friendly game that aimed to help research focused on sudden death syndrome.

Match Report and Highlights:

4 – Real Madrid Veterans: Buyo, Chendo, Fernando Sanz, Sanchis, Garcia Cortes, Gallego, Karembeau, Zidane, Figo, Butragueño, Santillana -starting eleven-, Contreras, Jaro, Rojas, Ramis, Rubio, Sabido, Julio Llorente, Ivan Perez, McManaman, Amavisca, Velasco, Victor.
3 – Milan Glorie: Rossi, Cafu, Costacurta, Baresi, Maldini, Evani, Boban, Serginho, Simone, Rui Costa, Massaro -starting eleven-, Nava, Contra, Weah, Papin, Braglia, Fuser, Galli, Panucci, Lentini, Carbone, Eranio.

(4′): Simone
0-2 (6′): Rui Costa
1-2 (11′): Butragueño
2-2 (37′): Amavisca
3-2 (52′): Alfonso
3-3 (57′): Rui Costa
4-3 (85′): Alfonso


The three best player compilations I have seen. Awesome soundtracks, visuals and editing:





My friend Ben (that’s for you bro, props on my blog is a big deal.. Cherish it forever) sent me a link to an Algerian football match. As it turns out, Algerian people are football fanatics.. Who would’ve thought:

On a related note; Argentina fans in the Racing – River Plate game 3 years ago:

Fenerbache fans:

The business tycoon is back – Unofficially. It is reported that Perez is going to run in the upcoming Real Madrid elections. Madridista’s all around the World are drooling over the potential re-appearance of Floro in charge at the Bernabeu. Sources say that this will be what he’s going to come with.

  • Zinedine Zidane as sporting director
  • Jorge Valdano as vice – president
  • Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka,
  • Two Spanish signings; take your pick: Villa/Xabi Alonso/Silva/Cesc

This team is going to win the elections in a landslide. I don’t agree with legends such as Zidane given sporting director roles (they should be given coaching positions instead), but it’s a minor deficit in his campaign which people will see as a positive anyway. Apparently there are already deals with both Kaka and Cristiano. Real took out a loan from Santander bank for Ronaldo, and apparently the reason why Kaka turned down Man. City is because he’s coming to Madrid in the summer. I don’t know if we will see both of them, but I am pretty certain that Perez will snatch one of them up.

The masses are waiting for you, Don Florentino
The masses are waiting for you, Don Florentino

Yes, we all know Perez did not leave on a good note. He fired Del Bosque after winning the league, and also treated icons like Hierro and Morientes with very little respect. He also cared about the financial image of the club more than the results on the pitch, and he interfered too much with the team’s coaching and on-field business. However, he claims that he’s learned from his mistakes.

On the other hand, he took this club out of major debt. He brought in Beckham which boosted profit dramatically, and he built one of the greatest football teams ever assembled. Raul, Zidane, Figo, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Makelele; I have never to this day seen a team play as beautifully as this one. I truly believe that I won’t see one as great as them in my lifetime. Here’s an incredible video on that dream team:

Should be an interesting summer.