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From the beginning of the season until now, this year has seen some outrageous bloopers:

*Note: Some of them aren’t necessarily bloopers, just ridiculous goals.

And last but not least…..

A friend of mine who is an Inter fan, sent me a video of Inter’s last minute goal against Roma. He claimed that the San Siro (yes all 9 filled seats of it), makes more noise than the Bernabeu. I quickly refuted his claims. I dug up a video of Real Madrid’s last game of the season in 2007 against Mallorca to win the championship. I’ve sent this video to a few of my other friends who aren’t really soccer fans; but they still admitted it gave them the shivers. So if you don’t like footie, you will probably appreciate this video.

The video was taken by some young fans. Long video, but from 1:56 and on you will see the goal by Reyes… Pure insanity.

Frustrating game for all Merengues
Frustrating game for all Merengues

It’s been 6 years now. We’ve been cursed at the round of 16 stage in the Champions League. For some reason, I thought this would be the year we would break the curse; but Liverpool Keep Reading..