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Same dunk, same arena, same angle, same photographer – 10 years apart.

These are the types of ads that really capture my eye with sonorous attentiveness.

I really miss the NBA.

While on tour in Asia, Lebron gets schooled by a local Taiwanese baller.

How should the ACC react to Bosh's return?

Taken from my piece on Raptors Watch

It’s a slow day in Raptors media-land. Most journalists are bored – writing columns about the Raptors’ defensive problems, potential draft pics, or simply fabricatingbenighted senselessness (scroll to the part where it says Damon Stoudemire is the only Rookie of the year in Raptors’ history).

The only interesting news happening today is that Leandro Barbosa now has a Twitter account. It’s not verified yet, but it’s him according to Jared Dudley.


I thought we’d have some fun today considering that the return of Chris Bosh is looming. He’ll be back on February 16th, and he’s noted before that he hopes he doesn’t get a hostile reception.

Taken from TSN’s post-game notes following Lebron’s return to Cleveland:

“I hope not. I don’t think it could get any worse than that,” Bosh says. “It was something else. You had to see it.”

James, for one, doesn’t think the reception in Toronto will even come close to rivalling the one he faced in Cleveland.

“It will be nowhere near as bad as it was for me going back home,” James says. “He’s not going back home, he’s going to a team he played for. There’s no comparison. He’ll be fine.”

Bosh says heckling and booing are to be expected, and that he hopes he can use some of that negative energy as fuel – a skill he picked up from his new teammates in Miami.

“When I looked at Dwyane and LeBron, as soon as the game (in Cleveland) started playing, I could kind of read their body language from the get-go and I was like, ‘Wow, they really like this, they like this environment, they like just the tension and the excitement and everything,'”, says Bosh. “So I was like, ‘Man, I gotta step up.'”

The game in Cleveland also seemed to teach Miami’s ‘Big Three’ how to embrace the roles of supervillains, a label put on them by fans of the 29 teams not based in Miami.

“We’ve dealt with a lot of those extreme road circumstances, and these guys absolutely have embraced those opportunities to play in those environments,” says head coach Erik Spoelstra.

Here’s the deal. Through many, many years of experience, we already know as Raptor fans that booing simply does not work. It only fuels the opposing player to go off on his former team. However, I’m reluctant to believe that heckling Bosh will have the same effect. I question his mental stability and ability to stay focused.

He’s not tough – Kevin Durant will tell you that. I think if he gets heckled he’ll crack and be heart-broken; which will lead to a bad performance.

I would rather hear from the fans though, since I’m assuming some of the readers will be attending the game.

It’s time to vote Dino fans. I have attached some clever options of my own, but feel free to add any other ideas you guys have.


 “By the time his career his over, he may pass Michael Jordan”. That’s what a friend of mine said to me the other day about Lebron James. I didn’t think too much about it. I usually quickly laugh off these things. Maybe I am biased, and would refuse anyone even coming close to Michael’s greatness, but once Lebron wins 6 rings, then I’ll take some serious consideration as to where he’ll be ranked among the greats. Let’s not take anything away from LJ23. The MJ comparisons are unfair right now, so let’s talk about the incredible game last night in Cleveland.

First of all, I have to say this is been the best NBA playoffs I have seen in a while. So much drama, and every series has been awesome thus far. Some have even just been unreal (Namely, the Bulls-Celtics overtime fiasco). I think it’s fair to say that the conference finals have been great to watch so far too. It’s quite clear that these are the four best teams left in the league, and they made it this far deservedly.

Hedo - Almost FTW
Hedo – Almost FTW

When I was watching the game last night, I was thinking to myself that Cleveland has finally restored order in this series and put Orlando in their place. I never for a second thought that Orlando could come back from the huge hole they had dug themselves in; especially in the playoffs where it’s that much harder to pull a comeback. Lo and behold, they had cut the deficit to three, and the Turkish Michael Jordan, tied the game with a three. After that, he hit what we all thought was the game winning jumper with 1 second left. At that point, I was in somewhat of a shock that Orlando was going back home with a 2-0 series lead. 

As I was getting up off the couch to turn off the TV, I decided to just stand up and watch the final attempt by the Cavs to try to salvage something from this mess that they were in. I was following all the screens and waiting to see how Lebron could get open, and as soon as they inbounded the ball into his hands; you could sense something special was going to happen. King James rose majestically over Hedo to nail the game winning three pointer. A shot that totally changes the series, and gives us more of a chance to see an epic final between Kobe and Lebron.

Just a crazy sequence to end the game (Don’t mind the biased video author):

Check out how humble The King is after he hits the shot, interview at 2:00 :