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Funny Football Moments 2012

Posted: January 29, 2013 in soccer, Sports
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This is basically all you needed to see in 2012.


Absolute gold.

I’ve seen some outrageous misses in my life, but this one just might take the cake.

American celebrations after Donovan’s goal.

Awesome, just awesome.

Beautiful short film:

Masoud Shojaei’s golazo against Hercules in the Spanish Copa Del Rey quarterfinals.

Everybody wants to be like Mike.


Thanks to XT.

My friend Ben (that’s for you bro, props on my blog is a big deal.. Cherish it forever) sent me a link to an Algerian football match. As it turns out, Algerian people are football fanatics.. Who would’ve thought:

On a related note; Argentina fans in the Racing – River Plate game 3 years ago:

Fenerbache fans:

An unbelievably gifted kid. Maybe the next Zidane?