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2 moments of exuberance, and 90 minutes of suffering. This is pure gold.

Sights and sounds of the biggest and most glorious day in the history of Spanish football:. Slide-show followed by videos.

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Jose Antonio Camacho’s reaction to David Villa’s goal against Paraguay:

I felt the same way…

Cesc scores in his return.

A massive improvement from beating Saudi Arabia 3-2.

The reigning Euro Champs are finally getting into their grove. After a few uninspiring friendly performances, Spain thrashed Poland today 6-0 in their last warm-up match before the World Cup.

Andres Iniesta started the match on fire. He set up Spain’s first 2 goals brilliantly for David Villa and David Silva before being subbed off in the first half to a standing ovation. He is a true genius of the game when healthy and on form.

It is widely believed that this Spain team is stronger than the one that won the Euro with the addition of Gerard Pique, Arbeloa, and having the depth of new young blood off the bench with Navas and Pedro. Spain did not lose a beat when they went to their bench after subsitutes Cesc Fabregas, Fernando Torres, and Pedro all scored in a 6-0 route.

Ramos and co. didn't really try. But it was enough.


There are some worries in the Spanish National camp as the reigning European champions don’t look as focused as they did last summer. ‘La Furia Roja’ struggled to beat non-World Cup dwellers Saudi Arabia 3-2 in Innsbruck, Austria  on Saturday.

The Saudi’s surprisingly went up 1-0 in the 16th minute as Osama Hawsawi headed in a corner that Spanish keeper Iker Casillas failed to punch clear. 14 minutes later, Barcelona striker David Villa scored to level the match. At the half, the Saudi’s looked more impressive than the Spanish.

After the half-time break, Spain came out with more sloppy play; and although Xabi Alonso gave Spain the lead in the 57th minute with a precise shot from outside the box, Saudi Arabia leveled the match in the 73rd minute with a freak goal which deflected off of Al Namare and past the helpless Casillas. The game ended with substitute Llorente heading in a Xabi Alonso corner in virtually the last kick of the game to give Spain the 3-2 win.

It’s clear that Spanish coach Vicente Del Bosque needs to have his team more focused when the World Cup comes around. Although this Spanish team is much deeper and better on paper than the one that won the Euro (inclusions of Pique, Valdes, Pedro, Llorente and Navas are fantastic) they do not look as sharp. Former Euro winning coach Luis Aragones formed an organized cohesive unit which we haven’t really seen under 2-time Champions League winner Del Bosque. The ‘moustache’ as they call him, is still awaiting the return of 2 of his key players in Cesc Fabregas and Fernando Torres from injury.

International Friendly results and highlights organized for viewing for your pleasure:

Spain 3-2 Saudi Arabia

Ireland 3-0 Algeria

Slovakia 1-1 Cameroon

Serbia 0-1 New Zealand

Sweden 4-2 Bosnia Herzegovina

Ukraine 3-2 Romania

Hungary 0-3 Germany

USA 2-1 Turkey

England 2-1 Japan

Belarus 1-0 Korea Republic

Paraguay 2-2 Ivory Coast

Gambia 1-5 Mexico

Nigeria 1-1 Colombia

Tunisia 1-1 France

Chile 1-0 Northern Ireland

Other Results:

Norway 2-1 Montenegro

Moldova 2-3 UAE

Poland 0-0 Finland

Iceland 4-0 Andorra

Azerbaijan 1-3 Rep. of Macedonia

Venezuela 1-1 Canada

David Silva

First of all, I am going to apologize to all my fans for not being around in the past couple of weeks. Believe it or not I have somewhat of a busy life. However, summer is over – which means school is starting – which means you will see more blog entries from me – which means I have excellent priorities.

Right on.

World Cup Qualifying

The World Cup and the finalists are finally taking shape. This week was host to some outrageous events. Starting in Tbilisi, Georgia hosted Italy looking for their first win. Pretty tough task when you have to play against the defending World Champions (admittedly though it’s a much weaker Italian side than before, but their consistent luck makes them a threat against anyone). Now we’ve all have heard about the calciopoli scandal, but is it too much to say that Kahka Kaladze was offered some kind of expensive automobile to purposely lose the game? Italy won the match 2-0 from two outrageous own goals by Kaladze:

Portugal – All but out.

For a team that was a favorite to win the World Cup, failure to qualify didn’t even cross anyone’s mind. That dream of even being considered a favorite is all but shattered now. Portugal now lies fourth place in their group behind Denmark, Hungary, and Sweden. Carlos Quieroz seems to have completely lost the plot. Portugal’s starting line-up against Denmark consisted of: Pepe, Raul Meireles, Tiago, Deco, Simao, and Cristiano Ronaldo. I know Portugal has lacked a good striker for years, but this team doesn’t even have one in the line-up! Add to the fact that Pepe most certainly should not be played as DM (as great as he is).


I’ve always been one of his biggest fans even when he was in Milan; and now that he’s a Madridista I think I might just be in love him. For me, this guy is easily the smoothest and most elegant player in the World right now (I still believe Messi is the best player in the World.. But Kaka is just a joy to watch). Kaka has always been awesome for Brazil and fantastic against Argentina. The World Cup Qualifyer against Argentina this week showed that he hasn’t slowed down one bit, he was running past players and setting people up and completely overshadowed Mascherano and Messi. Maradona needs to get Argentina sorted out – and quick. Argentinians don’t like to lose 3-1 at home against their biggest rivals. Highlights (and check out Kaka’s incredible pass for Brazil’s last goal):

David Silva y La Furia Roja

David Silva is on fire right now and definitely one of the most in-form players in the World. The guy is so underrated it’s not even remotely funny. Silva and David Villa made up for 4 of Spain’s 5 goals against Belgium. I still can’t believe how much Valencia have struggled having those two in their team. Spain is a machine right now, they look absolutely unstoppable. The scary thing is that Iniesta and Ramos are still injured and did not play this game. Just sit back and enjoy the kings of Europe doin’ their thang:

Kiyan: Where do we go next Florentino?

Florentino Perez: To the Southeast.

The business tycoon is back – Unofficially. It is reported that Perez is going to run in the upcoming Real Madrid elections. Madridista’s all around the World are drooling over the potential re-appearance of Floro in charge at the Bernabeu. Sources say that this will be what he’s going to come with.

  • Zinedine Zidane as sporting director
  • Jorge Valdano as vice – president
  • Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka,
  • Two Spanish signings; take your pick: Villa/Xabi Alonso/Silva/Cesc

This team is going to win the elections in a landslide. I don’t agree with legends such as Zidane given sporting director roles (they should be given coaching positions instead), but it’s a minor deficit in his campaign which people will see as a positive anyway. Apparently there are already deals with both Kaka and Cristiano. Real took out a loan from Santander bank for Ronaldo, and apparently the reason why Kaka turned down Man. City is because he’s coming to Madrid in the summer. I don’t know if we will see both of them, but I am pretty certain that Perez will snatch one of them up.

The masses are waiting for you, Don Florentino
The masses are waiting for you, Don Florentino

Yes, we all know Perez did not leave on a good note. He fired Del Bosque after winning the league, and also treated icons like Hierro and Morientes with very little respect. He also cared about the financial image of the club more than the results on the pitch, and he interfered too much with the team’s coaching and on-field business. However, he claims that he’s learned from his mistakes.

On the other hand, he took this club out of major debt. He brought in Beckham which boosted profit dramatically, and he built one of the greatest football teams ever assembled. Raul, Zidane, Figo, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Makelele; I have never to this day seen a team play as beautifully as this one. I truly believe that I won’t see one as great as them in my lifetime. Here’s an incredible video on that dream team:

Should be an interesting summer.