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He’s been on absolute fire lately; and has already scored a couple scorchers in the pre-season.

But this one takes the cake so far – unreal.

If he can stay healthy and keep his antics to a low; Real Madrid will be on another level this season.

From Brazil’s 2-0 win over Argentina – lots of showboating from Ronaldino and Neymar.

Pure eye candy.






Ronaldinho looks 6 years younger.

To Golden Goal or not to Golden Goal?

FIFA can’t seem to be able to make up their mind about the golden goal rule. It was a rule that was introduced at Euro ’96 which meant that that team who scored the 1st goal in extra-time of a knockout game would automatically win the match and advance to the next round. A crude way of losing which Italy found out the hard way in the Euro 2000 final:

By 2004, the golden goal rule was completely scrapped. The reason being that it ‘promoted’ defensive football as both teams would stay safe and avoid being scored on before the penalty shoot-out after 120 minutes.

And now, after 6 years and a sup-bar World Cup in South Africa (during the group stages anyway); Sepp Blatter is considering re-introducing the golden goal rule.

Blatter wants more goals. That is evident. But his view is misrepresented and his plans are untenable. His concern seems to be directed at critics from non-football fans who deem the sport boring. Although the World Cup in South Africa started off quite sluggish, it was transformed dramatically into a tournament of incitement and turmoil.

Aside from being a World Cup which saw a new champion, the tournament will be remembered for its controversy, drama, and bad officiating rather than its aridity. It’s an area of concern which Blatter should focus more on instead of of tinkering with the unbroken rules of the game. We need goal-line technology. It’s time to stop living in Di Stefano’s era and time to start bringing ourselves in line with modern thinking:  Hence taking advantage of technology that is there to be used. It’s much more important to have a fair outcome, than an exciting outcome.

Whether we like it or not, there is absolutely nothing wrong with defensive football. It’s a style of play and a strategy that suits certain teams more than others. The World can’t expect every team to play like Spain, Argentina, and Brazil (my apologies if your country wasn’t on this list). Every team plays to its strengths.  Some are strong in attack, and some are strong at the back. What’s evident is that the game is always changing and tacticians are becoming more masterful at what they do. As much as some people enjoy ‘Tiki-Taka’ Spanish football more than Catenaccio football; I must admit that I always enjoyed the way Nesta and Cannavaro made defending look like an art for Italy.

I’m not particularly against the golden goal rule. However, if Blatter wants to promote attacking football over defensive football, bringing back this rule will not entice teams to come out of their defensive shell just because they have to score first before the penalty shootout.

Beautiful short film:

Obama says he will travel to SA if the US make the final.

Well, it’s a bit far-fetched for the U.S. to make the final of the World Cup. But it’s a fact that the US have been a proud team everytime they’ve hit  the pitch in a major tournament. Overrated by the biased American media, and underrated by the rest of the World, the U.S. played a fantastic game tonight as the underdogs against England in a 1-1 draw.

The game started off with Steven Gerrard taking advantage of a  nice through pass from Emile Heskey to slot it home after just three minutes.

The match continued with both teams playing conservative. Although neither team really threatened much in the first half, it was clear that England was the superior and more organized team. If  there was ever a known weakness in this English side however, it’s the goalkeeper situation. English goalie Robert Green made a criminal mistake letting in a very ‘saveable’ tamed shot by Clint Dempsey with about 10 minutes to go in the first half.

The game ended 1-1, with both teams missing criminal chances to win the game.

Former European Champions Greece were beaten quite convincingly by a confident South Korean side 2-0. The stadium contained quite a number of empty seats which apparently is being investigated by FIFA as the game was officially sold out. Conspiracy?

In the other game today, a rather disappointing and uninspiring Argentina side took care of business by beating Nigeria 1-0 in a very annoying game (sound/crowd wise) filled with vuvuzelas. Maradona was celebrating like mad after the game; but his celebrations will come short if Argentina don’t pick it up against the stronger sides.

You will see me here everyday for the next month. Make it your home too.

Higuain signs contract extension

In a club where stars, legends, and coaches come and go; most of the focus of the off-season has been on Jose Mourinho, and the list of names being thrown around of who the club could sign next -Di Maria, Maicon, De Rossi, Gerrard-. These players may or may not come, but no one’s signing should be celebrated more than Higuain’s signing today.

‘Pipita’ Higuain was Real’s leading goalscorer last season and one of the Madrid’s standout players in the last couple seasons. It was rumoured however, that President Florentino Perez was going to ship him out this summer as he was one of Calderon’s signings, and perhaps getting in the way of Benzema’s (Floro’s signing) development. Whether it be Perez’s solo decision or Mourinho’s influence, thankfully Higuain signed a contract extension.

Pipita has been heavily criticized for ‘choking’ against the big clubs and in the big games. He has only scored 2 goals in his Champions League career. We all hope that the confidence that the Board gave him today is what he needs to get to the next level. It will be interesting to see how he does in the World Cup leading Argentina’s front line alongside the World’s best player in Lionel Messi (Damn.. If only they had a good coach). Hopefully Jose can find a system in which Benzema and Higuain can lead Real Madrid’s attack for years to come.

Here are all his goals from this season:

Never gets old. In my opinion, the smoothest player since Zinedine Zidane.

David Silva

First of all, I am going to apologize to all my fans for not being around in the past couple of weeks. Believe it or not I have somewhat of a busy life. However, summer is over – which means school is starting – which means you will see more blog entries from me – which means I have excellent priorities.

Right on.

World Cup Qualifying

The World Cup and the finalists are finally taking shape. This week was host to some outrageous events. Starting in Tbilisi, Georgia hosted Italy looking for their first win. Pretty tough task when you have to play against the defending World Champions (admittedly though it’s a much weaker Italian side than before, but their consistent luck makes them a threat against anyone). Now we’ve all have heard about the calciopoli scandal, but is it too much to say that Kahka Kaladze was offered some kind of expensive automobile to purposely lose the game? Italy won the match 2-0 from two outrageous own goals by Kaladze:

Portugal – All but out.

For a team that was a favorite to win the World Cup, failure to qualify didn’t even cross anyone’s mind. That dream of even being considered a favorite is all but shattered now. Portugal now lies fourth place in their group behind Denmark, Hungary, and Sweden. Carlos Quieroz seems to have completely lost the plot. Portugal’s starting line-up against Denmark consisted of: Pepe, Raul Meireles, Tiago, Deco, Simao, and Cristiano Ronaldo. I know Portugal has lacked a good striker for years, but this team doesn’t even have one in the line-up! Add to the fact that Pepe most certainly should not be played as DM (as great as he is).


I’ve always been one of his biggest fans even when he was in Milan; and now that he’s a Madridista I think I might just be in love him. For me, this guy is easily the smoothest and most elegant player in the World right now (I still believe Messi is the best player in the World.. But Kaka is just a joy to watch). Kaka has always been awesome for Brazil and fantastic against Argentina. The World Cup Qualifyer against Argentina this week showed that he hasn’t slowed down one bit, he was running past players and setting people up and completely overshadowed Mascherano and Messi. Maradona needs to get Argentina sorted out – and quick. Argentinians don’t like to lose 3-1 at home against their biggest rivals. Highlights (and check out Kaka’s incredible pass for Brazil’s last goal):

David Silva y La Furia Roja

David Silva is on fire right now and definitely one of the most in-form players in the World. The guy is so underrated it’s not even remotely funny. Silva and David Villa made up for 4 of Spain’s 5 goals against Belgium. I still can’t believe how much Valencia have struggled having those two in their team. Spain is a machine right now, they look absolutely unstoppable. The scary thing is that Iniesta and Ramos are still injured and did not play this game. Just sit back and enjoy the kings of Europe doin’ their thang:

My friend Ben (that’s for you bro, props on my blog is a big deal.. Cherish it forever) sent me a link to an Algerian football match. As it turns out, Algerian people are football fanatics.. Who would’ve thought:

On a related note; Argentina fans in the Racing – River Plate game 3 years ago:

Fenerbache fans: