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At the age of 19; the French youngster – already touted to be an amazing defender – makes his Clasico debut. And he does incredibly well. Keeps Messi and co. in his back pocket all game; and score the tieing goal.

Thanks to Zidane for scouting him.

Jimmy Butler Hangs In The Air

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Funny Football Moments 2012

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This is basically all you needed to see in 2012.


Gareth Bale Can Play Goalie Too

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Perhaps Real Madrid should’ve signed him instead of Diego Lopez to fill in for Casillas.

Lebron James Tackles Heat Fan

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I use the word ‘spectacular’ loosely. The first move was nice, the 2nd one was embarrassing. If he does this non-sense in Europe he’ll get his leg broken.

Not only does McEvoy look like Bale, but he even plays in his position and wears the same boots.

McEvoy, 19, is one of Tottenham’s most promising academy players and is a youth international for Republic of Ireland.

Read more at The Sun.

Epic Goalkeeper Celebration

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They should add this as a possible celebration in FIFA 2014.