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They say everything’s possible.. But what he just did was impossible.

These are the types of ads that really capture my eye with sonorous attentiveness.

I really miss the NBA.

This post is actually for a friend, but I’ll leave it for everyone else to see.

Everyday I get bombarded with text messages about how classy and morally superior FC Barcelona is… How the whole team decends from the angels of heaven, birds sing when they touch the ball, how incredibly humble and generous they are to the rest of Humanity, and how they suffer at the hands of other mere mortals.

And of course, they never ever spend any money.

Mes Que Un Club..? Enjoy.

Barcelona, Bunyodkor, Uzbekistan, and UNICEF

Amidst little fanfare in 2008, Barcelona announced a cooperative link up with an obscure team in Uzbekistan, Kuruvchi FC. It is a deal that has definitely benefited both clubs, but the commercial partnership has raised questions. Not least because the Uzbeki government has one of the worst records in the world for human rights violations, and that Barcelona are sponsored by UNICEF.

– Bleacher Report

Unicef Must Break Ties With Child Slavery Supporters Barcelona FC

Kudos to for an excellent article on the disgusting decision by Barcelona FC to accept sackloads of cash to promote Islam Karimov, the world’s most vicious dictator.

Craig Murray

FC Barcelona – Hypocrisy at its finest

“The church appears to be above religion. When they signed Ibrahimovic they didn’t practice what they preached. It surprised me that they didn’t apply the same rules as Cristiano Ronaldo to the Ibrahimovic transfer.”—This is an excerpt from Jorge Valdano’s interview which he gave two days ago to AS.

Just one day after Valdano’s interview, the Catalan club purchased a 22-year-old defender—Dmytro Chyhrynskiy—from Shaktar Donetsk for €25 million, a significant sum for an established, world-class player, let alone a young, almost unheard of defender…..

Barcelona, on the other hand, spent €102 million in 2008-09 for Keita, Pique, Hleb, Caceres, Dani Alves, and Henrique, re-couping just €49.5 million of that through sales, leading to a net expenditure of €51.5 million….

FC Barcelona quite surprisingly spent over €100 million for the second year running, €129.5 million to be exact for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Dmytro Chyhrynskiy, Keirsson, and Maxwell. Through Samuel Eto’o’s sale, they recovered only €30 million, leading to a net expenditure of €99.5 million.

So in the two seasons combined Real Madrid’s net expenditure is €171.8 million and FC Barcelona’s net expenditure is €151 million, just a €20.8 million difference between the two.

Bleacher Report











Rio backs Jose as United defender slams Barcelona and diving star Pedro

Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has slammed Barcelona’s play-acting antics against Real Madrid in their Champions League semi-final first leg clash at the Bernabeu on Wednesday night.

Ferdinand says Barca’s Pedro should be ashamed of himself after seemingly clutching his face after a harmless collision with Real’s Alvaro Arbeloa.

The England international also appeared to have sympathy for Real manager Jose Mourinho who reacted bitterly to his side’s 2-0 defeat by accusing UEFA of conspiring in favour of the Catalans.

Ferdinand tweeted: ‘This diving is a joke/embarrassing. When Pedro watches that do you think he’ll think “What was I doing!?”

Daily Mail

Now, I’m anticipating the typical answer I usually get from this guy – insults and and how immoral Madrid are. Instead of acknowledging the faults of his own club, he’s going to respond by posting videos of how psycho Pepe is.

But lets be clear on one thing – as a Madridista, I am not proud of a few things. Such as Cristiano and Di Maria’s diving, Pepe’s violence, some of Mourinho’s antics, and the gambling sponsor on our beautiful shirt.

What I can’t stand though, is when certain Cules are so blind that they fail to see or admit that there is anything wrong with their club – even in the face of video evidence.

And feel free to read the comments of the videos to see what the rest of the World thinks of you too.

Mesut Freakin’ Ozil.

Avatar Eyes does it again.

During South Africa’s African Cup of Nations qualifier against Sierra Leone, South Africa’s coach Pitso Mosimane informed his team to play out the 0-0 draw – because he beleived that’s all they needed to qualify.

But that wasn’t the case. And after prolonged celebrations after the match, the team was informed that they hadn’t qualified after all.

From BBC:

Group G rivals South Africa or Sierra Leone would have qualified had either won in Nelspruit but it ended 0-0.

Nonetheless, the Bafana Bafana squad celebrated their victory in the errant belief that they had qualified.

“Niger have qualified,” Confederation of African Football secretary-general Hicham El Amrani confirmed to BBC Sport.

South African joy in Nelspruit and around the country turned to despair after the realisation that they could not qualify as a best runner-up either.

Bafana players even went on a lap of honour after the final whistle, dancing in formation in front of cheering fans while coach Pitso Mosimane hugged members of his technical team.”

A goal from half, and a game-winning bicycle kick from Julio Baptista.. Incredible weekend in La Liga.




From Brazil’s 2-0 win over Argentina – lots of showboating from Ronaldino and Neymar.

Pure eye candy.






Ronaldinho looks 6 years younger.

One of my favorite .gifs ever.