Always Humble.

With each passing game, Real Madrid’s new looking team looks better and better. After a disappointing draw in their opening La Liga game against Mallorca and an under-performing home victory over Osasuna over the weekend, Los Blancos are finally starting to pull the strings together after completely dismantling Ajax in their opening Champions League group stage game.

For the first time in years we witnessed watching Real Madrid play the brand of football that we’ve come to expect from them. Madrid were able to create chance after chance without being bothered the least bit at the back.

The signing of Mesut Özil could prove to be one of Perez’s best signings ever if he continues his magnificent run of form. Ozil has been Real Madrid’s best player this season and has adapted impressively and instantly to his surroundings. His elegance with the ball reminds us of a younger version of Kaka, and his unselfish play makes him click easily with other team-mates.

Had Real Madrid had their finishing boots on, this game would’ve ended up much more lob-sided on the score sheet. Out of all people who missed the net so frequently, it was the main galactico Cristiano Ronaldo who wasted the most chances. It was a frustrating match for Cristiano. And as Cristiano tends to do, his desire to grab a goal became more desperate, and only seemed to make things worse.

Another player who didn’t have his finishing boots on tonight was Di Maria who missed a couple criminal chances. He started off sluggish but grew confident as the match went on and was a key contributor to Madrid’s second goal with a flick over the Ajax defence to set-up Ozil, who eventually set up Higuain who finally got over his Champions League slump.

The most impressive aspect of Real Madrid 2010/2011 under Mourinho though is the organization within the team. In three games, Real Madrid has hardly looked threatened at the back. They’ve been able to defend masterfully without parking the bus. They do so by attacking teams, keeping possession, and being tactically very organized. The combination of Khedira and Alonso in the middle has looked very harmonized so far. They both move without the ball tremendously, close down spaces quickly, and retain and maintain possession masterfully. The addition of Ricardo Carvalho has also been immense. Carvalho and Pepe form a great parternship at the heart of Real Madrid’s defence.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Kaka comes back. If he can return to the Kaka of old – which remains unlikely – then we could see an incredible quartet of Cristiano-Ozil-Kaka-Higuain. The depth that Real Madrid has in attack is truely one of the best in football today with Pedro Leon, Canales, Benzema and Kaka/Di Maria off the bench.

Having said all that, the season is young and it’s still pre-mature to judge if this team really has what it takes to take hold of ‘La Decima’. We’ve seen Real Madrid beat teams 5-0 in September for the past couple years only to see them fade away as the season went on. However with all the young talent they have and Mourinho as a motivator; this is a very promising season for Real Madrid.

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