Higuain signs contract extension

In a club where stars, legends, and coaches come and go; most of the focus of the off-season has been on Jose Mourinho, and the list of names being thrown around of who the club could sign next -Di Maria, Maicon, De Rossi, Gerrard-. These players may or may not come, but no one’s signing should be celebrated more than Higuain’s signing today.

‘Pipita’ Higuain was Real’s leading goalscorer last season and one of the Madrid’s standout players in the last couple seasons. It was rumoured however, that President Florentino Perez was going to ship him out this summer as he was one of Calderon’s signings, and perhaps getting in the way of Benzema’s (Floro’s signing) development. Whether it be Perez’s solo decision or Mourinho’s influence, thankfully Higuain signed a contract extension.

Pipita has been heavily criticized for ‘choking’ against the big clubs and in the big games. He has only scored 2 goals in his Champions League career. We all hope that the confidence that the Board gave him today is what he needs to get to the next level. It will be interesting to see how he does in the World Cup leading Argentina’s front line alongside the World’s best player in Lionel Messi (Damn.. If only they had a good coach). Hopefully Jose can find a system in which Benzema and Higuain can lead Real Madrid’s attack for years to come.

Here are all his goals from this season:

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