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A few upsets today in general, but none as massive as the game I watched today in Barcelona. I sat down on the couch with my plate of spaghetti and meatballs, expecting to flip through between the Liverpool-Lyon and Barca-Rubin Kazan games.

Just like any other person, I was expecting Barca to absolutely slaughter Kazan. The game started very interesting, Kazan scored a golazo in the 2nd minute and I was glued to the game after that. It wasn’t particularly entertaining, but I was amazed that Rubin Kazan played such a perfect game against the European Champions. They had cut off all the defensive angles perfectly. They made defending look like an art, as opposed to other teams who simply put 11 men behind the ball without a plan and then hoof the ball away. Kazan actually passed their way up the field out of the back; they played a very commendable game and eventually went on to win the game 2-1:

In the other game in the group, Inter were held to a draw at home against Dynamo Kiev (2-2). Inter now only have 3 points from 3 games, this group has absolutely turned inside out and upside down due to Inter underperforming and Rubin Kazan over-performing.

Group F Pld Pts
Barcelona 3 4
Dynamo 3 4
Rubin 3 4
Internazionale 3 3

Results of other CL games today

The big one is tomorrow:

I was never big on fights in hockey. Even though I’m not a huge NHL fan, I still think it’s a nice sport to watch; bar these ridiculous fights that happen every game. But at least, all fights should be like this one:

The ‘Bees’ made a strong bid for their place in the World Cup in South Africa next year. Completely dominating the Mexico – El Salvador game yesterday:

I’m not in much of a mood to comment on the Sevilla – Real Madrid game today (mind you, I have lots to say). I just wanted to share with you why Iker Casillas is the best keeper in the World; and one of (if not) the best ever.

Unbelievable saves against Sevilla today:

Looks very exciting. Can’t wait.

Too bad NBA Live still looks horrible. Same ol’ dull gameplay and absolutely brutal commentary that hasn’t been updated since Live’ 06. The only cool new feature if the ‘moving jerseys’ when the players run. Makes it about 2% more realistic than previous years: