16 goals for and 2 goals against in 4 games. Yet, it is not good enough. Real Madrid has always been a club with tremendous pressure on their backs. It’s a club where results are not good enough. Games have to be won with absolute style. Following Real Madrid’s 5-0 win over Xerez yesterday coach Pellegrini had this to say about the team’s performance:

“We didn’t play well as a team, especially in the first 20 minutes. Perhaps we were too confident after the first goal”

“I am happy because we won 5-0 but leaving aside the result we did not play well,” he told Marca.

“We must keep improving. Every game is different. We had a good end to the first half but maybe we were too confident after the first goal.

“We improved in the second half and got the goals but we should have been better in possession,” Pellegrini added.

Pellegrini gets to play against his former club on Wednesday when ‘Los Merengues’ travel to El Madrigal to play against Villareal. For the rest of this post I have collected some nice stuff for you from the weekend. Highlights of the Real Madrid game, highlights of Atletico Madrid getting their annual ass-whopping from Barca, and highlights from the crazy Manchester derby:

Barcelona 5-2 Atletico Madrid

And this is the incredible finish in the Manchester derby on the weekend. From the 89th minute on. Sorry about the poor quality, but it’s about as much as youtube has on right now. It’s a must watch:





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