Emanuel Adebayorhas lost any respect that anyone has had left for him after his childish and juvenile antics against Arsenal on the weekend. First he kicked Van Persie in the face while VP was down on the ground, and then he scored a goal, and celebrated by running 90 yards across the pitch to the Arsenal section to provoke the fans of his former club:

An amateur records a better view of the Arsenal fans going nuts and throwing stuff at him:

Before his goal, where he kicks Van Persie while he’s down:

Meanwhile, Real Madrid continue to look unstoppable.

Real Madrid have started the season off 2-0. They have been playing without Ramos and Pepe. And they also started the game against Espanyol without Lassana, Raul and Ronaldo. On top of that, they are not even at 50% of the capabilities, this team has barely gelled yet – and despite of all this, they look absolutely scary going up front. Each time they have the ball it looks like they are about to score. One of my favorite things about Real Madrid right now is Esteban Granero. He came from the youth system, and was loaned out to Getafe for a couple years and bought back this year. He is an absolutely cracking player. He can attack, defend, hustles, pass, score and takes magnificent set-pieces. He just could be the next Andres Iniesta (you heard it here first). Kaka has also hit his stride and looks like he’s back to being one of the World’s best players. Real Madrid’s demolition in Catalunya against Espanyol in their new stadium:

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