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From FOX News:

Reports: Iranian Soccer Stars Forced to ‘Retire’ Over Wristband Protest

 Iranian authorities have told four players on the nation’s soccer team to turn in their cleats after they wore green wristbands in a show of solidarity with the country’s opposition leader, the Guardian reported, citing opposition newspapers in Iran.They unfurled a banner that read “Go to Hell Dictator,” and chanted “Compatriots, we will be with you to the end with the same heart.”

The players — including team captain Mehdi Mahdavikia and soccer star Ali Karimi — wore the wristbands in a June 17 match against South Korea in Seoul. Opposition newspapers reported that they were forced into retirement, along with Hosein Ka’abi, 24 and Vahid Hashemian, 32.

Mahdavikia is one of Iran’s biggest sports heroes for a goal he scored to eliminate the United States during the first round of the World Cup in 1998.

More players on Iran’s national soccer team wore green wristbands during the match, but removed them during half-time.

The move to wear the wristbands came as protesters in Iran accuse the government of rigging the June 12 election in favor of hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. They have been wearing green — the color of opposition leader Mir Houssein Mousavi’s campaign — in a show of support for the opposition candidate.

Fans from Iran also showed their support for the demonstrations at home by staging a protest outside the stadium.


During the match, protesters waved the banner, held up green paper signs reading “Where is my vote?” and waved Iran’s national flags emblazoned with the plea “Free Iran.”


This news is just the tip of the iceberg of the injustice that’s going on in Iran. I posted this because my blog is primarily about sports, but I can assure you, that football is the last thing on the mind of these players anyway.

I just signed up on twitter to see the latest comments coming from there about Iran.. Here is what I found:

baha54: RT: in Baharestan we saw militia with axe choping ppl like meat – blood everywhere – like butcher – Allah Akbar – #Iranelection #gr88 less than 10 seconds ago from web

parishkl: RT – Please DO NOT RT NAMES OF IRANIAN TWITTERS #IranElection ENSURE ALL SEE THIS!! They are risking their lives!! less than 20 seconds ago from web

eralv: RT @judyrey: #iran take battery out of your phone, they will be able to track you if U use phone. Be careful. #Iranelection less than 20 seconds ago from TwitterFon

shannapatel: RT PK:they were waiting for us – they all have guns and riot uniforms – it was like a mouse trap – ppl being shot like animals #Iranelection less than 20 seconds ago from web

NorwAnon: Iran’s military, Iran’s decent police and security, HELP YOUR PPL, don’t let them die at the hands of Ahmadinejad. #IranElection #gr8826 less than 20 seconds ago from web

FriendofPkiwi: RT: all shops was closed – nowhere to go – they follow ppls with helicopters – smoke and fire is everywhere #Iranelection less than 20 seconds ago from web

midpath: RT @whiotv Iran: New protests underway. Witness tell CNN that security forces are firing weapons and beating protestors. #iranelection less than 20 seconds ago from Nambu


I just want to ask anyone who’s reading this to keep all of Iran in your payers. I want to end off with a quote I loved from twitter:

“During September 11th, the whole World was American. And now, we are all Iranian.”



Unfortunately each set of fans has idiots. Those idiots showed their true colors last night in the streets of LA after the Lakers won their 15th NBA Championship.

Vandalism, fireworks, bonfires, objects thrown and police cars set on fire are some of the acts that were committed last night outside of the Staples Center. In addition to that, innocent people driving on their streets were victims of almost having their cars tipped over; while other local businesses were victims of severe vandalism, damage and theft.

Dozens injured (including six police officers) and about 25 people arrested.


Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers. NBA Champions 2008-2009!

Kiyan: Where do we go next Florentino?

Florentino Perez: To the Southeast.


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Beckham had classy words about Real Madrid for Kaka.

A day after Kaka has been officially announced, it’s starting to sink in now that one of the best players in the World has signed for the most prestigous and glorious sports franchise on Earth. What a great week. Who will follow suit to wear the white uniform? Who knows. I just want to enjoy this crack for now.

Kaka press conference:

What do you say to the Milan fans after your signing with Real Madrid?

I have much to be thankful for to Milan for all these years I have played there. I could project myself at an international level and I achieved many triumphs with the rossonero shirt. From here I want to send my deepest thanks to the Milan organization. I have been very happy there and I never would have accepted another offer that wasn’t this one. Only Real Madrid, with the consent of Milan, has made this signing possible.

Then why are you leaving the Milan organization?

The whole world knows about the financial crisis that is devastating us and Milan is passing through a bad period. Many businesses are passing through bad periods and Milan is one of them. The best way to help them was to accept this offer from Madrid.

What can you say about your new team, Real Madrid?

They are one of the best teams that there is in the world and they are building a solid project that will allow me to play with the best players of the planet. That was one of the reasons that I opted for this great club. In addition, they are creating a team to once again be champions in Spain and Europe. Real Madrid is a new motivation for me. I want to achieve new triumphs and win many titles with the white shirt.

What do you know about Real Madrid from your Brazilian compatriots?

All of them have said good things about Madrid and have advised me to sign for them. But I knew enough about the team, because they have exceptional players like Raúl and Casillas. David Beckham also advised me to sign for Florentino.

What made you sign for Madrid now and not during previous occasions?

Now it is a different situation. It is certain that I had to opportunities to sign in previous seasons, but Ancelotti, my coach at Milan, bet on me and on my game. To come to Madrid now is a gratifying experience.

What opinion do you have on Florentino Perez, your new President?

He has the idea to make an interesting sporting project and he is trying to buy other great world class players. I believe that he will be able to make a very offensive squad and for this I opted for this club.

Are you going to compete with Messi to be the best player in the world?

Messi has played very well this season and deserves the prize of the best player in the world because he has won three very important titles with Barcelona. He was an important figure in his team. In any case I hope the Barcelona hegemony ends and that Real Madrid wins new titles.

What do you hope for Milan after your departure?

They will surely have choices to win the league with Leonardo, who is a great coach. I am sure that great players will arrive and I am sure that they will continue going forward without me.

Will Pato be your replacement

I hope so. He has shown himself to be a great player. He only lacks a few years to mature to reach the top. He is a fantastic player.

Do you arrive to Madrid to finish your career here, like Zidane did earlier?

I have signed a long contract, for six years. I hope to make history in Madrid and to win many titles. This is my intention.

What number will you wear? Have you decided? It is rumored that you will wear the 5 of Zidane…

I am thankful that I have been offered the number 5, but Zidane is Zidane. He is a player with an acclaimed history with Madrid and with the French national team and I have much respect for him. I don’t know what number I’ll wear, I still haven’t decided.

You maintained a position of absolute silence and said that you were happy in Milan. What do you owe this to?

Because my idea was not to leave Milan, but economic circumstances made it like this. What is certain is that it was an offer that couldn’t be refused.

The much anticipated official announcement of Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (Kaka) to Real Madrid from AC Milan is finally here. All the reports were correct. A world record fee of €68 million indicates that Florentino Perez has broken the World record transfer fee for a third time (Figo, Zidane, Kaka), and we may see a fourth before the end of the month (Cristiano Ronaldo).

I know several Milanistas who were in denial about the whole transfer; Claiming it was impossible and Kaka loves AC Milan too much. Something we’ve heard so many times before (e.g.: Figo, Beckham). It proves that either players love money, or simply live to see the day they will wear the royal white shirt of the greatest sports team on the planet. The latter is a more realistic scenario.

Welcome Kaka!