First of all.. Hats off to Barca.. They were superior in every way, and quite possibly one of the best Barca teams ever. I would be surprised if they didn’t win the treble this year.

I’m disheartened and shocked. How could our biggest loss of all time (easily) also come at such a crucial time. This loss decided our fate in La Liga this year.. But it was more than a loss.. It was a humiliation. This loss, paired together with the massacre at Anfield, officially labels this season as ‘one to forget’.

So what is the problem? Surely it’s not normal for Real Madrid to get picked apart so easily by the big teams. We’ve beaten La Liga sides with ease, but when it comes to the big guns (Juve, Liverpool, Barca), we fall apart in embarrassing fashion. Who’s to blame for this? I’ve heard so many people after the game point their fingers at Sergio Ramos, Lassana, Gago, Marcelo and Raul. Before we start pointing fingers at any of these players we should consider two things:

  • All these players were instrumental in our huge unbeaten run in the league prior to this game.
  • Barcaare on another level right now playing like they’ve come from another planet. As much as it pains me to say it, there was only so much our players could do. They were put out there by Juande Ramos, and they gave it their all.

The problem lies deeper than the players. Calderon, Schuster and Mijatovic did some damage at this club before they left. JuandeRamos did a fantastic job at getting this team on track. He can only do so much with the little resources he has. What Juandehas to work with right now is simple: many fantastic squad players, but no ‘crack’s’ to led this team in high pressure moments. There’s no secret as to why Liverpool, Barca, Chelsea, Manu had/are having a fantastic run this year. Their squad consists of players like Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Lampard, Drogba, Essien, Torres, Gerrard, Xabi Alonso, Mascherano, Cristiano, Rooney, Tevez, Ferdinand etc..

Florentino Perez can bring these types of players to the Bernabeu.

Perez has set a press conference for May 14th to announce whether or not he will be a candidate for the upcoming elections. He will likely announce that he’ll be running. And when that happens, he’ll win the election by a landslide (Read more on Perez’s underground campaign here).

Players like Gagoand Marcelo are worth keeping in my books. They may not be sure starters right now for a club like Real Madrid; but they are young talents who can be groomed into important squad players. If we are to sign superstars this summer, we need to keep some of these squad players to build around the stars.

‘Things to do ‘list this summer:

Sell Dudek, Heinze, Javi Garcia, Van Der Vaart, Sneijder, Faubert (don’t re-sign him from his loan), Drenthe, RVN and Saviola.

Dudek is old.. even for a back-up keeper. Heinze is way past it. JaviGarcia is decent but there is no room for him with M. Diarra coming back. Van Der Vaart and Sneijder are good enough for Villareal and not Real Madrid. Drenthe has potential but he’s been really disappointing. He can join Gio Dos Santos at Ipswich. Faubert was the most unnecessary signing in Real Madrid’s history. RVN is a man i have tremendous respect for, but no one knows how he will come back from his injury next year. Saviola is a given.

Sign Negredo and Granero. –  Promote Adan and Chema Anton.

Negredo has been on fire this season. A rotation system between Negredo, Raul, Higuain and Huntelaar would be ideal for next year. Granero on the other hand is probably Getafe’s best player, and would thrive in a rotation system in Real Madrid. He can play as an AM and can come off the bench in any situation where the team needs some fresh flair off the bench. Getting these two canterano’s back would be great in promoting local Spanish talent as well.

Adan and Codina will be needed to back up Casillas. And Anton is a promising left back that can get some minutes next year.

Sign a crack…. or two.

As I’ve said before, this team is filled with good talent, but no leader to direct these pieces. So far only Pipita and Robben have showed they can somewhat consistently be game-changers. One of Cristiano, Kaka or Ribery is needed (and not impossible to get).

Sign a left back and a central defender.

Marcelo should permanently be moved to the wing, which is why we need a fixed left back next year. Cannavaro is past his golden ball years, and Metzelderis injury prone. A solid starting center back along with Garay coming in will be enough.

I can sit here all day saying what should be done with the club; but alas, I have no power in doing anything. Let’s just hope Perez wins the election, and that he’s learned from his mistakes. Let’s hope that this summer will be much more productive then the last one.

This last bit in bold is for the fans who left the stadium early in el Clasico:

Although we are in one of our worst moments in years, we have to always remember to support our team till the end. Real Madrid is a big club, and we will be back. I expect us to be back as soon as next year. The Champions League final is in the Bernabeu (2010) and I expect us to fight for our lives to take our trophy back and lift it in the greatest stadium in the World.

Madridista forever.