Manu-Porto/Villareal-Arsenal. It was an easy choice for me today to decide which game I wanted to watch. I mean, Manu was clearly going to destroy Porto in a painful fashion (who wants to see that?). Being a Spanish/La Liga supporter and all, it was a nobrain-er. What a game at the Madrigal! Two of the underdogs left in the Champions league, but both of them playing attractive, fast paced, short passing and fluid football.

Golazo de Marcos Senna!
Golazo de Marcos Senna!

I rushed home from school and turned on the TV just in time to see Marcos Senna launch a missile past Almunia. What a fantastic goal. Villareal dominated the entire first half. As soon as the first half ended, I checked livescore to see this:

 Manchester U. 1 – 1 FC Porto

That moment was probably the highlight of my day. I still figured that Manu were going to eat them in the second half though, so back I went to the second half at the Madrigal.

Golazo de Adebayor!
Golazo de Adebayor!

In the second half, Arsenal finally decided to play some football. They started to build pressure, and with a great ball from Cesc, Adebayor scored a scissor kick of epic proportions. It was a beautiful goal. For the next few minutes, the yellow submarine was clearly rattled. The passes they so easily stringed together in the first half, seemed a thing of the past. Fortunately they got back into the game though. And my final assessment is that Arsenal are pretty lucky to escape with a draw; Villareal are down, but not out.

You know what’s awesome though? I switched to the Manu-Porto game just in time to see Mariano Gonzalez break Old Trafford’s hearts.

Mariano - FTT!
Mariano – FTT!

 90 minutes left to play in both legs. Let’s hope the good guys will prevail.


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