First of all, I would like to introduce the new ‘chat widget’ on the right hand side of my blog. I will be on-line from time to time, so if you catch me at the right times, please drop me a line! I have already met a couple of very nice people!

Now enough small talk, let’s cut to the chase. What has changed since my round 1 post? Absolutely nothing.

The Matrix playing like a man possessed in the Raptors win streak.
The Matrix playing like a man possessed in the Raptors win streak.

 I came home late from class tonight, logged into nba.comas usual, and was pretty surprised to see that the Raptors had beaten the Magic 99-95 IN Orlando. That’s 5 in a row now. Clearly, Jay Triano did not read my blog post about how the Raptors should tank the season to get a good draft pick. 

Now whats even more important than this game, is what happened at half-time (from The Associated Press):

In an April Fool’s joke that left everyone but the contestant laughing, the Magic made a fan think he was shooting a half-court shot for $100,000 at halftime. The fan was blindfolded, and the crowd was told beforehand to cheer as if he made the shot. The young contestant, named Dan, missed badly but believed he won and danced around the court in a frenzy. Before being told it was a joke and showed the replay he said, “I just got laid off at work.” He was given a 100 Grand Bar of candy instead but was not laughing. …

Wow. Life is cruel isn’t it? Moving on..

Turkey 1-2 Spain

Riera FTW!
Riera FTW!

 I was watching this game on my laptop in the back of my class today. Yes, how straight are my priorities? It was 1-1 till the very last minute, when Danny Guiza creates an opportunity out of nothing and passes to Riera who slots it home. I’ve never heard Turkish fans so quiet in my life. You could have heard a pin drop in that stadium. Especially considering they are some of the biggest fanatics in the World. The most ironic thing about this whole situation was that Guiza, the man who has been horrible for Fenerbache all year, was the man who finished Turkey off.

In all honesty, I felt bad for the Turks. It was a heart breaker for them and even the most hardcore of Spanish supporters could feel for them. They played well, and now they have it all to do sitting third place in the group.

The Hunter is a machine
The Hunter is a machine
  • Huntelaar still scoring! Klaas scored a beautiful goal today against Macedonia.
  • Bolivia 6-1 Argentina. Yes, that scoreline is 100% real. I guess the Argies are not too fond of playing in high altitudes.
  • South Korea 1-0 Korea DPR/Saudi 3-2 UAE. It’s not looking good for Iran.
  • France 1-0 Lithuania. I’ve been really unimpressed with France lately. For the players they have: Lassana, Ribery, Benzema, Evra, Toulalan and co.; they should be making alot more noise than they are.
  • Brazil 3-0 Peru. A double from Luis Fabiano. But this Brazil team is nothing compared to their past sides.

I can’t wait for the World Cup.

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