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The business tycoon is back – Unofficially. It is reported that Perez is going to run in the upcoming Real Madrid elections. Madridista’s all around the World are drooling over the potential re-appearance of Floro in charge at the Bernabeu. Sources say that this will be what he’s going to come with.

  • Zinedine Zidane as sporting director
  • Jorge Valdano as vice – president
  • Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka,
  • Two Spanish signings; take your pick: Villa/Xabi Alonso/Silva/Cesc

This team is going to win the elections in a landslide. I don’t agree with legends such as Zidane given sporting director roles (they should be given coaching positions instead), but it’s a minor deficit in his campaign which people will see as a positive anyway. Apparently there are already deals with both Kaka and Cristiano. Real took out a loan from Santander bank for Ronaldo, and apparently the reason why Kaka turned down Man. City is because he’s coming to Madrid in the summer. I don’t know if we will see both of them, but I am pretty certain that Perez will snatch one of them up.

The masses are waiting for you, Don Florentino
The masses are waiting for you, Don Florentino

Yes, we all know Perez did not leave on a good note. He fired Del Bosque after winning the league, and also treated icons like Hierro and Morientes with very little respect. He also cared about the financial image of the club more than the results on the pitch, and he interfered too much with the team’s coaching and on-field business. However, he claims that he’s learned from his mistakes.

On the other hand, he took this club out of major debt. He brought in Beckham which boosted profit dramatically, and he built one of the greatest football teams ever assembled. Raul, Zidane, Figo, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Makelele; I have never to this day seen a team play as beautifully as this one. I truly believe that I won’t see one as great as them in my lifetime. Here’s an incredible video on that dream team:

Should be an interesting summer.

Raps beat Cows in a thriller
Raps beat Cows in a thriller

Why are the Raptors on a four game winning streak? Don’t they understand that the more they lose, the better draft pick they’ll have this year? I mean, do what you want with the pick, but get the highest pick possible! Now that the season is tanked, they’ve decided to play ball, beating teams that they have no business beating.

Well, maybe this last stretch of the season is a sign of things to come for next year. Marion is finding a flow, and maybe we’re seeing the team gel finally. Emphasis on the ‘maybe’. The Raps have a solid starting five. If Colangelo can re-sign Marion, and add some much needed depth to the squad in the off season, we might see a resurgence.

  • Jose Calderon is on course to have one of (if not) the best free throw shooting season(s) in NBA history. He had a monster line against the Bulls today; 21 points and 19 assists.
  • If I had to build my team around a point guard for the future, I would seriously consider picking Derrick Rose, and not Chris Paul (discussions welcome).
  • I was obviously kidding about the Raptors tanking the season and getting a high draft pick. They should always try to win every game they can no matter what the circumstances.
  • Seriously.. Please tank the season and lose every game from now on.

Now that we got that rant over with, let’s move to another rant:

Ali Daei Sacked
Ali Daei Sacked

 Football legends very rarely become successful coaches. It was a mistake to bring in Daei in the first place; we should have taken Clemente when we had him in Iran, but completely blew it. I’m not here to make a massive list of Daei’s tactical shortcomings as a coach, I just want to point out that he’s lost alot of respect from many Iranian’s around the World. His response after the loss to Saudi at home in front of 100, 000 fans:

“I will not leave my job as Iran boss. Iranian football officials cannot fire me. You were not the ones who offered me the job. Accordingly, you cannot ask for my departure. It was not Ali Daei who was defeated today; it was Iran’s national football team which was [defeated]”

Daei, who has dropped a couple of Iranian stars in his brief era with Iran as coach due to personal disputes, also commented on the absence of former Asian player of the year Ali Karimi in the squad:

“Karimi was in no shape to shine at Persepolis match against Saudi Arabia’s al-Shabaab earlier this month. I talked to Persepolis manager and I found out that he had not attended training sessions for 25 days,”

Right. Evidence shows that Karimi has clearly been to his training sessions. He’s also been in top form for Persepolis all year.

Daei, you are one of the best players in Asian history, and you hold the FIFA International goalscoring record. Thank you for everything, but with all due respect; you are not the man for this job.

Not all is lost in the football World though.

Piqué FTW!
Piqué FTW!

Spain 1-0 Turkey. The European champions played against a stubborn Turkish defence without Cesc, Iniesta, and Puyol. Turkey played a great tactical game at the Bernabeu, but in the end, La Furia Roja were too much. Their passing game is like a slow torture for opponents. They ooze confidence and produce free flowing football that is unmatched in International football. Pure art, and they aren’t even at their best.

  • Holland 3-0 Scotland. Klaas Jan Huntelaar can’t stop scoring. He’s like a mini Ruud. Big shoes to fill, but he is a very intriguing prospect.
  • Portugal 0-0 Sweden. Both countries are in jeopardy sitting 4 points behind Denmark and Hungary. Hungary and Denmark also have a game in hand.
  • Montenegro 0-2 Italy. Huge win for the Azzuri in Eastern Europe. The World Cup Champs are one step closer to defending their crown in South Africa.

Thanks for reading. Why was this post so awesome? I was listening to this the whole time:

Now go back and read this post again. But this time, listen to the song while doing it. It makes it alot more dramatic.

I guess Raul doesn’t watch ‘the price is right.’




A friend of mine who is an Inter fan, sent me a video of Inter’s last minute goal against Roma. He claimed that the San Siro (yes all 9 filled seats of it), makes more noise than the Bernabeu. I quickly refuted his claims. I dug up a video of Real Madrid’s last game of the season in 2007 against Mallorca to win the championship. I’ve sent this video to a few of my other friends who aren’t really soccer fans; but they still admitted it gave them the shivers. So if you don’t like footie, you will probably appreciate this video.

The video was taken by some young fans. Long video, but from 1:56 and on you will see the goal by Reyes… Pure insanity.