Stephen A. Smith has officially gone mad?

Posted: February 3, 2009 in basketball, Sports
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Smith rears his ugly head again.

Smith rears his ugly head again.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Toronto Raptors fans are not too fond of ESPN NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith. First he ripped into the Raptors for drafting Charlie V., then there was that whole ‘classless’ comment where he compared Chris Bosh to former NBAer Manute Bol, and now sparking rumours that Bosh ‘wants out’ of T-Dot (2:20).

This came out of no where. I hope no one truly believes that Stepen A. Smith is so tight with BC and CB4 that he’s the only one who knew about this. What a wind-up. Well don’t worry, because Brian Colangelo quickly dismissed the rumours. He even sent Smith an e-mail right away, and apparently Smith was ‘down with the flu’. Chris Bosh also shot down the trade talk immediately. 

But interestingly, Smith responded to the whole issue. He claims that of course Bosh and Colangelo wouldn’t admit to those trade talks, and that his sources say that Bosh wants out of Toronto and he stays by his word.

Well, it’s up to you to believe what you want, we will find out soon anyway. But I highly doubt Bosh will be dealt during this trade deadline. Next year, if the team is still in a bad state then maybe we’ll see him walk or get traded.

The problem is that Bosh is not playing like an all-star right now quite frankly. I will say that part of the reason the Raptors have gone downhill is because of him. He started off the season on fire, and showed us what he’s capable of doing, but since then, he’s been playing without motivation or desire, and you can see it in his game. He doesn’t drive anymore. Everytime he gets the ball he just shoots it. Obviously he’s very frustrated. That was evident at the ACC against the Celtics when he didn’t even join the team huddle during a timeout.

Chris Bosh had 40 points at Orlando on Nov.18. Probably the last time he took the ball inside.

Chris Bosh had 40 points at Orlando on Nov.18. Probably the last time he took the ball inside.

I’ll just summarize a very complex situation briefly. Bottom line is, if Colangelo can’t fix this team by next year at the latest, then Bosh is gone.

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